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Mini Size Portable Home Beauty Machine for Wrinkle Remove And Facial Lift

Good quality Skin Analyzer Machine for sales
Good quality Skin Analyzer Machine for sales
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Mini Size Portable Home Beauty Machine for Wrinkle Remove And Facial Lift

China Mini Size Portable Home Beauty Machine for Wrinkle Remove And Facial Lift supplier

Large Image :  Mini Size Portable Home Beauty Machine for Wrinkle Remove And Facial Lift

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CYM
Certification: CE
Model Number: K05
Machine Color: Gold
Use Type: Laser
Laser: R.F
Features: Facial Lift, Wrinkle Remove
Model type: Portable
Package: 50*26*38cm
G.W: 10kgs
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Detailed Product Description

Mini Size Portable Home Beauty Machine Help Wrinkle Remove And Facial Lift




Principle for the mini size Wrinkle remove machine


RF device uses a capacitive coupling electrode to deliver energy and radio waves to produce an electric field across the skin surface into the subcutaneous tissue.


Usually oscillation frequency 1.2Mhz, equipment through a dedicated wire transfer to a special handle to Sasser, the frequency of firing in a specific depth of skin cells in the water molecules to produce high-speed vibration, through which high-speed friction to generate heat to 45-60°C, collagen fibers contract, immediate relaxation of the skin, wrinkles are stretched, then the dermis to produce the thermal effect of collagen hyperplasia, rearranged, and increased their number of aging repair damaged collagen, to instantly firming, long-lasting addition wrinkle, easy anti-aging effect.


Studies have shown that in the absence of injured skin, grass-roots, the cell division activity is very slow.


Once the skin is damaged, the skin around the wound around the base 2mm cell division rate to 40 times faster than usual. Cell division by the expansion of grass-roots up, even a small wound to accelerate enough to stimulate cell division. Skin cells of two chemicals led to this reaction: endostatin and collagenase.


Endostatin produced in the epidermis and prevent the primary cell division. Upper cell death, cell division basic elements to prevent disappeared, the cells began to divide in order to repair itself.


As long as the skin can also generate new collagen, skin collagenase in charge of building the immature collagen of skin, while also regulating the formation of collagen; wounds produce collagenase.


With the growth of collagen, the skin of fresh growth in the operation area, while a large number of regenerative cells will fill wrinkles. You can also lose their elasticity and wrinkles area of cortical thickening of the stratum corneum to separate, this will lead to update the surrounding skin.




Who need to has the treatment from the wrinkle remover?


If you are older than 30 years-old, the skin will lose collagen little by little, then wrinkle will appear on the surface of face, hand, arm and stomach, so you will look like a elder lady, not young, if you want to keep your beauty, the home RF Remover is your best choice.




Treatment process for the Wrinkle removal machine.


1. After clean skin by rubing anesthetic cream on surface by a professional nurse, and wait half an hour for you skin absorb.


2. Go into the treatment room, nurses will clean the skin by alcohol again to make sure your treatment process out of bacterial infection.


3. Treatment start by a physician, if it was overheating during the treatment, you can raise your hands to explain.


4. Treatment time according to different parts of body, takes about half an hour to two hours.


5. Rubbing some moisturizer after treatment, no need ice, you can take a rest.


6. Treatment time is about 20 minutes, and the treatment may cause 10 minutes short of swelling, hot, after all, it is all right. Just strengthening moisturizer, protection from sunlight, after two weeks later you can see skin improvement.




Effect for the mini wrinke remove machine.


1. An increase of the temperature and cell function: increased degree of skin and muscle 4-5.


2. To enhance blood flow: capillary blood flow increased 4-5 fold increase in purified oxygen metabolites increase the nutrients, antibodies, white blood cells and lymph circulation.


3. To increase flexibility in the organization of collagen fibers: 5-10 times increase muscle flexibility, increase the ligaments, joint capsules and scar tissue (collagen area 40-45 degrees Celsius, maximum flexibility and will not damage the organization.


4. Significantly reduced joint stiffness: comparison with cold therapy, heat therapy can reduce joint stiffness and inconvenience.


5. Relief of pain: the pain caused by coronary heart disease, congestive relieve pain using the thermal probe, touch the painful area or around the nerve can reduce muscles, ligaments and organizations connect organizations pain.


6. To relax muscle spasm: the outbreak of Al with reduced motor nerve fibers can relax muscle spasms.


7. Rtimulation of chronic inflammation Therapy: intravenous use to stimulate circulation and help the absorption of inflammatory fibroid ways to increase fiber oxygen, nutrition, white blood cells and antibodies.


8. To stimulate wound treatment: According to the increase in blood flow to the expansion of small arteries and capillaries to stimulate skin circulation and physiotherapy.



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